The first K5BAY tailgate sale is over…

Saturday, 16 October 2010 18:06 by G7EIX

And I am sure all will agree that it was a great success.

We had well over 20 sellers and a very good number of visitors and friends turning up from 7am in the morning.  Personally I like to open the blinds and see daylight, but this morning it was still dark when I climbed from my pit to make my way into Baytown.

Anyway, it was a good first event and I am told that this will become a regular occurrence – possible once a quarter from now on.   That may change, but keep an eye on the K5BAY website, group and blog for up to date information.

Here are a few photos from today.

Even at 7:30am we had a good selection of sellers and buyers

Delbert K5DDD discussing loops with Tim KD5IKG

Ralph (Fast Talking Varmint) W5FTV and Fred N5JZB

Fred N5JZB having a moment (very common occurrence)

Bill (Ugger) WB5UBG

Sunrise in Baytown – not often I see these

8am and we have a full compliment of sellers already set up

Delbert K5DDD of Delbert Loop fame (Homepage)

A good selection of Loops were available from Delbert K5DDD

Around 8:30, a very pleasant morning was had by all – join us next time!

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