The G7EIX Pecker is available to download

Wednesday, 29 August 2012 15:25 by g7eix

I have finally completed the release version of the G7EIX Pecker. You can get all the details and the download from here:

I don’t currently own an Amplifier as I live in a very severely restricted HOA (this will be changing very soon!) so I have not included any instructions on how to tune with the Pecker.

I created this application out of a need from a fellow HAM who recently converted to a Flex, he and several others have been my BETA testers. So detailed SSB Tuning information is available via Google and a couple of links I have provided on the download page. If in doubt, Google is your friend.

If you have any questions regarding the software, bugs, feature requests or praise or otherwise – then look me up on QRZ.COM and fire me an email.

In the meantime. Enjoy!

Richard W5/G7EIX

The G7EIX Pecker

Thursday, 23 August 2012 16:39 by G7EIX

So, I have converted a few local hams to FlexRadio’s over the past few years and just recently another local Ham made the leap and bought a Flex 3000.   I helped him set it all up and get him on the air.  He absolutely loves it.

After configuring everything and getting his studio mic installed and the EQ settings at levels that made him sound like him, he asks…. “Where do I plug in my Pecker?”.   What!?   He continued to explain to me about a little black box that he put inline with his microphone on his now disconnected TS-480.  This box generates a SawTooth waveform and allows you to tune your amplifier with a 30% on 70% off duty cycle.  

Instantly I thought that this thing was obsolete as you could do this with software.   Surely someone had already created one.    Google searches came up with nothing.  Needless to say a couple of days later we had the G7EIX Pecker!


It performs the very same function that the performs – just in software.  So if you have a Flex and Virtual Audio Cables, or a Knobs and Switches Radio connected to an Audio Interface such as a SignaLink – then you are in luck.   It works!    Needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (so as long as you keep your computer updated with all the latest and greatest from Microsoft – you are good to go).

35hz is the frequency that we measured the Hardware based Pecker producing, so that’s the default.  You can change it (even on the fly) as well as the Amplitude.  This enables you to fine tune to your desired output.

PTT control is included.  Select the COM PORT, select RTS or DTR (configured to match your radio settings) and then select the Audio Output device.   Click PECK ME UP and off you go.

It is available right now:

Richard W5/G7EIX